The incumbent is responsible for maintaining an electronic, decentralized double-entry accounting system including assets, liabilities, income, expenses, suspense accounts, and net worth.
The accounting system is comprised of appropriated, non-appropriated funds and donated funds; single-year, multi-year, and revolving funds appropriations.
The incumbent will be responsible for being able to distinguish the difference between appropriations and account classifications and apply transactions appropriately to each.
o Responsible as a professional accountant working within the Financial Management System (FMS), the incumbent will be responsible for understanding the internal workings of FMS and IFCAP and the methods, plans, procedures and policies that integrate all financial and accounting activities into the system.
o Responsible for maintaining, reconciling and reporting of expenses for all appropriation and divisional cost levels within the multi-division VAMC.
Incumbent will develop, analyze and report data included within the automated system as well as projecting outcomes to result in the modeled portion of the facility annual Target Allowance and Budget.
o Responsible for interpreting and applying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as they relate to the Federal Sector.
This professional will provide input to management regarding appropriate methodologies to accomplish necessary work while always maintaining the integrity of the medical center's compliance with GAAP principles.
o Responsible for developing, reconciling and maintaining accruals, allowances, capitalization and depreciation of assets, costs, general ledger and subsidiary ledger accounts, maintained on a highly automated computer system, within Government Appropriation boundaries.
Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday, 8:
00 am - 4:
30 pmPosition Description Title:
Accountant/ PD #00082-A

Don't Be Fooled

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